Sunday 17.04.2016, 16:30 – HD Melanchthonkirche – Concert for children

(Drawing: Paula Drabant)
Sergej Prokofiew “Peter and the Wolf” – a musical fairy tale for children
On Sunday, 17th April at 16:30, the SAP Symphony Orchestra will perform “Peter and the Wolf” of Prokofiew. The concert takes place at the Melanchtonkirche in Heidelberg-Rohrbach.
The inclusive kindergarten “Pusteblume” of “Lebenshilfe Heidelberg” celebrates a jubilee: “20 years of integration”. In the course of this ceremony, the orchestra dedicates its concert to the children of the kindergarten as well as to their family members. But the concert is also open to the public.
Prokofiev did not just compose the music but has also written the text. Purpose of the piece “Peter and the Wolf” is to make classical music accessible to children. The protagonists of the story are represented by different instruments: the little bird is represented by the flute, the duck by the oboe, the cat by the clarinet, the wolf by the horns, the grandfather by the bassoon and the huntsmen by the timbals. The alternation of spoken words and the music makes the fairy tale funny, amusing and exciting. Children learn how music can build a whole new world.
The admission to the concert is free. We ask for donations.
Narrated by: Stefanie Grimm
Conductor: Johanna Weitkamp

Kindergarten Pusteblume

Kindergarten Pusteblume

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